5 Iconic Nike Sneakers That Will Never Stop Being In Style

While bonafide sneaker freakers can justify a wardrobe full of blood-red VaporMax’s and (bizarrely) grass-covered Air 1 Max’s — most of us enjoy a classic style that’ll mix and match seamlessly with the rest of our wardrobes.

So in the spirit of helping you invest in the right kicks that’ll stay cool beyond a style season, here’s a list of team Khodr’s favourite picks and why we think they offer excellent fashion ROI.

  1. Nike Blazer Mid ‘77 Vintage

A 70s icon turned 00’s classic; the Nike Blazer Mid ‘77 Vintage is a never-fail fashion staple. Inspired by the early basketball scene, these shoes are a high-topped high-statement pair of kicks that will seamlessly swish from days on the court to nights out. 

Nike Blazer Mid ‘77 Vintage
  1. Nike Zoom Double Stacked Sneaker

As if 2020 wasn’t weird enough, Nike brought things to new levels with the Nike Zoom Double Stacked Sneaker, a bold design that incorporates Nike’s next-gen Zoom Air Technology (for a more responsive running experience). As high-tech as this shoe might be, there’s no denying it’s just as stacked when it comes to looks; with four cored-out midsoles and mesh upper and leather overlays.

An ideal fit for those looking to level up on a classic.

Nike Zoom Double Stacked Sneaker
  1. Nike Air Max Dia

Elegant, airy and a little bit off-beat, the Nike Air Max Dia has been sported on the toes of the world’s hottest trendsetters since it launched in early 2019. But don’t let that word ‘trend’ turn you off, these beauties are built to last thanks to their pared-back style to fit in anywhere—with an exaggerated Max Air unit on the sole but a neat minimalist upper making a versatile wear year after year. 

Nike - AirMaxDia
  1. Nike Air Max 2 X 

If you like your comfort and style with a slight edge of the 80s, then we’d like to introduce you to the Nike Air Max 2 X, fusing next-gen tech fierce retro inspiration. We love the eye-catching feel of the wavy sole, which hides a slick unit of pressurised air for putting an ultimate spring in your step. With its initial release in 1987, the Nike Air Max legacy shows no sign of slowing down and the 2X iteration on the original set to be an iconic inclusion in your wardrobe. Invest and wear forever.

Nike - W-AirMax2x
  1. Nike W SuperRep Go

Not only does the Nike SuperRep Go boast cool colourways and zoned-mesh upper, but it provides a minimalist counter to the ultra-cushioned sole— perfect for lovers of HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training). Even if you’re not putting these kick through their paces, they also work hard in the style stakes, making them a great all-season sneaker (for season after season). 

Nike W SuperRep Go



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