'How Smith & Jones Operates'

Our systems enable us to process orders at the time of their selection, packaging and delivery. We have a robust and comprehensive process in place to ensure that all orders are fulfilled.  

An intelligent delivery management system that allows us to deliver products to you, your customers and courier partners. The system is integrated with a wide range of business partners including Retail, Wholesale and Drop Shipping. Intelligent and automatic courier selection, i.e.    

Our in-house IT team ensures smooth and efficient operation through custom-made integrations that are geared to the needs of our company, the size of our customers and everything in between. Our systems are tailored to the operational requirements of all our customers. Our IT team is continuously developing new capabilities to improve the E-commerce experience for you, your customers and, last but not least, Smith & Jones.  

Every item we ship from our warehouse is automatically checked, logged and released. After shipping, our courier partners provide their customers with automatic e-mail and SMS updates as soon as they are available.  

Our AI systems Automate the immediate forwarding of orders to the warehouse that has the the most stock aalong with the most reasonable shipping costs. Our robust integrated warehouse and order management system ensures fast and first-class logistics management

Our partners are Shortlisted for the prestigious Optus My Business Awards

We are proud and excited to announce that our partners have been shortlisted as a finalist in the retail business of the year category at the 2018 Optus My Business Awards, the premier event of the year for SMEs. Our partners recognition for its excellent contribution to the online retail community reinforces the strength of the brand in connecting with the community and engaging with its customers. The winners will be announced at a black-tie awards dinner on Friday, 9 November at The Star, Sydney.

Warehousing and logistics

We keep our online stores stocked with our products ahead of time to reduce waiting periods. And we work closely with local couriers to achieve the most efficient and cost-effective delivery within 48 hours of orders received.

We have multiple warehouses in Melbourne and are expanding our space rapidly to keep up with our growth.

We use sophisticated order management systems coupled with systems integration by our in-house IT team for efficiency and effectiveness.

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