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How to Style a Graphic Tee

Do you want to wear your cool graphic tees in a more fashionable way? Graphic tees may seem difficult to dress up and style, but they’re still a great wardrobe staple for many people. Here are some of our favorite ways to style a graphic tee.

Paired With a Blazer

If you’re looking for how to wear a graphic tee in a business casual style, this is a perfect choice. Your favorite graphic tee will pair excellently with a matching blazer. Add some semi-casual slacks and professional shoes to complete the look.

Make sure to match the colours in your graphic tee to your blazer. If your graphic tee is mostly neutral in colour, consider wearing a blazer that adds a pop of colour. If you want to style your graphic tee extra professionally, try wearing a solid colour blazer, such as black.

With Distressed Denim

One great way to dress casually while still looking stylish is to wear distressed denim. Distressed denim can either be jeans (any style) or jean shorts (longer shorts are trending right now). Paired with your favorite graphic tee, you’ll be looking stylish in no time.

With this outfit, you can either faux-crop your graphic tee, wear it long, or even tuck it in. To faux-crop your tee, tuck the bottom of the shirt into your bra if you prefer to wear one. Otherwise, you can wear a belt beneath your shirt and tuck the ends of the tee into the belt.

Matched With a Dressy Bottom

To dress up a graphic tee in an effortlessly professional style, consider pairing your t-shirt with professional bottoms. If you’re someone who prefers to wear skirts, this is an excellent time to pull out a professional skirt. Or, a pair of dress pants is a great choice!

If you want to increase the professional look of your graphic tee, wear a suit or matching suit jacket and dress pants. Having a fully cohesive, professional look over your graphic tee will help boost your professional image.

Combined With Biker Shorts

Biker shorts are all the rage right now, so it’s no wonder that one of the best ways of how to style a graphic tee is with a pair of these. Biker shorts allow you to be comfortable without being too casual. Biker shorts have an added bonus of still being stylish when they’re longer, as well!

Since biker shorts are trending, it’s easy to combine an oversized graphic tee with a pair of these. Try dressing up the look with a pair of boots and chunky jewelry. Or, dress it down and make it more casual with high-top sneakers and understated accessories.

Don’t Let Your Graphic Tee Go to Waste

It’s easy to let your graphic tees sit unused in your closet. However, with our helpful suggestions, you can learn how to wear a graphic tee for any occasion. Visit us and find the clothing items you need to turn your graphic tee into an effortlessly styled look!

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