The Online Business Disrupting the Australian Retailing Industry – Smith n Jones

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The Online Business Disrupting the Australian Retailing Industry

Smith n Jones is providing a ton of innovative products to everyday Aussies at the best prices.  


"The Online Business Disrupting the Australian Retailing Industry"

For people living Down Under, shopping for everyday goods from internationally renowned online stores has always been a hassle. Most stores blatantly refuse to ship their goods so far. For the ones that do agree to ship, one has to contend with the expensive shipping costs and longer-than-usual wait times. The issue of returns is yet another sour point as the stress that comes with it discourages most people from even trying. So for most Australians, the only option has been to either make do with the available products that can be sourced around them or get them when traveling out for vacation. That was until Smith n Jones arrived on the scene.

Smith n Jones is an online retail business that specialises in making everyday and not so everyday products available to the average Australian. The Melbourne-based retailer does this by curating the best products from around the world in its stock. In keeping with its desire to promote home-grown products, Smith n Jones ensures that a bulk of its inventory comes from Australian brands, wholesalers, and suppliers. The retailer also sources products from international hand-made artists in USA and Canada, while partnering with leading manufacturers and suppliers from China.


"The Online Business Disrupting the Australian Retailing Industry"

Smith n Jones has something for just about everybody in its store. There are dedicated categories for men, women, kids, and even pets. In addition, one can readily source electrical appliances, gardening tools, camping gears, furniture, fitness equipment, and a lot more. There are also sections for products geared towards specific lifestyles like sports and outdoors, home and garden, health and personal, among others. 

For a brand that deals with only high-quality products, it’s amazing that Smith n Jones retails these products at realistic prices. Even with the addition of shipping, the prices are far more affordable especially when compared to other retailers, or worse, ordering from overseas. This cost-effectiveness is hardly surprising for the brand, however.


"The Online Business Disrupting the Australian Retailing Industry"

Smith n Jones first started in 2016 as an eBay store with a commitment to offering everyday Aussies the best products at competitive prices. It has stayed true to that vision since its humble beginnings. On how it still continues to strive for the vision, Smith n Jones claims it does this through its high-volume sales, efficient operations, adaptable stores and warehouses, and close business relationships. The other reasons given by the retailer include its intimate knowledge of the differences of quality in the market and its ability to go directly to the manufacturer to source for the best products, cutting out the middleman in the process. 

As a result, the business has grown into one of Australia’s leading online retailers showcasing tens of thousands of original products and even online viral products for the pleasure of its customers.

Interested Aussies can visit the site to learn more about the products it offers. 

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Business: Smith n Jones
Contact Name: Mahmoud Khodr

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Country: Australia


"The Online Business Disrupting the Australian Retailing Industry"

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