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English Bulldog Organic Dog Pajama | Black Pied - Smith & Jones Australia

English Bulldog Organic Dog Pajama | Black Pied

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One of a kind design not available anywhere else.

This unique English bulldog Organic Dog Pyjama is printed with soy based inks with no harmful chemicals. An extra layer to protect your English bulldog from the sun.
  • 100 % super soft organic cotton.
  • Striped front legs.
  • Comes in one size perfect for an English Bulldog
  • Minimises shedding.
  • Minimises allergies. (we recommend taking your dog on daily walks with the pjs when seasons are changing. If your dog comes in contact with grass or any other element outside that he/she might be allergic to, the pjs will minimise or prevent the allergies from occurring).
  • Lightweight and comfortable to sleep in, walk or lounge.
  • Our PJs are optimal for IVDD survivors or dogs that can't walk/ drag their lower body on the floor (prevents rug burns).
  • Fade resistant.
  • Machine wash cold inside-out, air-dry.

      About the brand:

      Frenchie store provides health conscious eco sustainable fashion for pets.
      The 5 Benefits to French bulldog pajamas:
      1. Retains body heat while they can still go potty with there pj's on.
      2. Protects against scratch: Itchy pets or those with allergies will have limited access to their skin while wearing doggie pajamas. 
      3. Reduces contact with allergens. It provides a protective barrier between your dog's skin and the outer elements that may contain irritants. 
      4. Frenchie pajamas are safe and eco-friendly. They follow the same standards and regulations of tight fitting pyjamas for children. 
      5. Looks great in holiday photos..