Our Story

Smith n Jones is a Melbourne based company founded in 2018 through creative collaboration. The founders bring their own unique life experiences and expertise together to offer the highest quality products at the best prices to their customers. Smith n Jones is a multifaceted business, curating trending products from around the world, importing products from international manufacturers, partnering with handmade product brands of USA and Canada and partnering with high end Italian Wholesalers. 

All good stories have a beginning, ours starts in Melbourne and Canberra. The founders also know as MJK, grew up in Melbourne and Canberra watching the development of the internet and best of, online shopping. After going to Uni to study design and always keeping up to date with technological advancements, MJK ventured out on their own.

After several successful bricks and mortar businesses, thanks to the vision of M, MJK developed Smith n Jones. Created with the strength of each founder in mind, Smith n Jones has grown to become a flourishing small Australian business. 

Smith n Jones have welcomed new members to their team, sharing new experiences and integrating this new knowledge into the Smith n Jones store. Every new member to the teams creates a new facet and develops Smith n Jones into an adaptable business. 

Covid19 has been a very difficult for all Australian business, Smith n Jones was no exception. After some difficulty and creative thinking, Smith n Jones is enjoying growth  thanks to the business guidance of M.

The growing team at Smith n Jones, love what they do. They love bringing trending products to fellow Australians, and go through many suppliers before they agree to import or curate their products. 

“At Smith n Jones our customers and quality come first, and we hope to bring the best products at the best prices”!