Established 2018 Proudly Australian Owned

Our Story

Smith & Jones is a Melbourne based company founded in 2019 through the creative collaboration between cousins. Each successful in their own right, the founders bring their own unique life experiences and expertise together to offer the highest quality products at the best prices.

Smith, has travelled around the world from China to Peru to Russia to USA and more, sourcing products directly from the manufacturer and creating a relationship with them to ensure only the highest quality products are imported and sold in Australia. Jones, has owned and sold several successful businesses and has years of experience and a wealth of knowledge on sales, customer service and marketing, whilst always keeping up to date with current technology trends and building online stores.

Working in their own businesses they had lost touch over the years. Smith was busy travelling overseas and Jones moved interstate. Both had enjoyed a certain level of success, but new there was something missing that could take their business to new heights.

After several years Jones moved back to Melbourne with sharper business skills and bumped into Smith with established importing relationships, and the rest they say is history.

Together they have created a formidable team that is customer focused, product proud and always strives for perfection. 

“There is a plethora of products online, they may look the same but they’re definitely not the same quality. We go directly where the product is made and do quality checks before we accept it and sell it in our stores.” - Smith

 “Sustainability is key, part of sustainability is quality. Having products that are consistently of  high quality, and having service that surpasses all other online stores, helps us build a trusting relationship with our customers which brings them back to shop regularly with us” - Jones