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Tummy Control High Waisted Shaping Shorts - Smith & Jones Australia
Tummy Control High Waisted Shaping Shorts - Smith & Jones Australia
Tummy Control High Waisted Shaping Shorts - Smith & Jones Australia
Tummy Control High Waisted Shaping Shorts - Smith & Jones Australia
Tummy Control High Waisted Shaping Shorts - Smith & Jones Australia

Tummy Control High Waisted Shaping Shorts

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This high waisted body shaping shorts make your tummy look tighter and toned, while providing firm control throughout your midsection and provides thigh compression. Make you look good in any dress or outfit so you feel confident instantly!

Brilliantly seamless and luxuriously soft, no one will ever know what you're wearing underneath and you can just focus on looking fabulous with a flawless silhouette.

This high-quality soft, breathable and comfortable shapewear is exactly what every woman needs in her little bag of tricks to make her look amazing in any outfit.

High waisted and with 4 steel bones, these panties give you full belly coverage and cinch in all those rolls to smooth you out. 

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Hi, I'm Kirsty X and my role is to test out the products for Smith & Jones and let you know my experiences and what I think about it, let's get into my review on the HIGH WAIST SHAPEWEAR.

When I first received the product I checked out the fabric first, its soft, quite thick (but not too think where it makes you sweat) and has a firm stretch. I got a XL - XXL and to be honest I freaked out a little and thought "oh maybe I should have gone a size bigger, I don't know if I can stretch these over this booty" but nonetheless I put them on anyway, and they fit PERFECTLY! What I realised is, they need to be tight (sounds dumb I know) but they need to be form fitting and you gotta squeeze into them at first so you can get the shaping in the right places, ie your tummy area. They're like putting on a pair of tight jeans, you gotta shimmy around a lil, get yourself sitting right and make sure everything is tucked in the right place and then the relief at the end.

I had a look in the mirror and it did slim me down in all the right places. It truly does sit nice and high right under your bra so you don't get that hideous back boob, the boning is a great feature as it stops the underwear from rolling and doing your absolute head in (as was my experience with my first pair of shapewear). The only things Id say is if you have thick legs and a big ass like me the leg holes were a little tight and did squeeze me a bit. But with jeans on you can't see that all you can see is curves in all the right places, which after two kids...I NEED THIS! I then tired the shorts version as well and this for me was perfect! It really gave me that really nice hourglass shape down through my hips and thighs and still keeping my tummy in. I did find that the hemline at the lowest part of the shorts was a little tight but like the panties, you can't see it through jeans. I LOVE LOVE LOOOOOOOVE these! It gives me that Kim Kardashian shape but without the effort or price tag (ain't got the money for work like that).

Ok, so the start was great, everything was put in the right place, how does this product perform for the whole day? Really freak'n well! I tested it out in different scenarios, I walked around the house, got in and out of the car, went up and downstairs, sat down in the office had a guilty big lunch and it barely moved. You do need to re-jig your clothes throughout the day make sure you're looking as fresh as you woke up and the SEAMLESS HIGH-WAIST SHAPEWEAR didn't need that much re-jigging. 

I must say I was a bit sceptical of this product to begin with as there's so many like it out there that I've tried, but the team at SMITH & JONES said I'd like this one, and you know what, I do.

- Kirsty Xavier