Galaxy Lamp - Moon Lamp - Smith & Jones Australia
Galaxy Lamp - Moon Lamp - Smith & Jones Australia
Galaxy Lamp - Moon Lamp - Smith & Jones Australia
Galaxy Lamp - Moon Lamp - Smith & Jones Australia
Galaxy Lamp - Moon Lamp - Smith & Jones Australia

Galaxy Lamp - Moon Lamp

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You will love it

It is a great decoration that will instantly change the air of your home in a positive way. You can use it as a night light in different colors. Choose the one that suits you in different sizes from the options.

Our Galaxy Lamp embodies the mystery of deep space! Over 16 different color tones give you complete control over your experience!

This incredibly detailed lamp makes for a stunning display piece that is sure to catch eyes & start many conversations.

Our state-of-the-art technology guarantees ultra-realistic design accuracy. Each and every lamp takes an incredible 26 hours to 3D print & is done individually.

16 Color tones in one lamp
Each Galaxy lamp can be adjusted to almost any color of your choosing, including a slow, soothing fade from color to color! You can use the remote to adjust brightness & toggle easily through all 16 colors!

Pick your perfect size

8cm (3in)
15cm (7in)
20cm (8in)

Add a little bit of magic to your room at night while you're reading a book, having tea or simply admiring the beauty of the Galaxy before bed.

Perfect Gift!
Our Galaxy Lamp makes the perfect gift for both kids & adults alike. Transform your loved one's bedroom into an ambient planetarium with this enchanting & soothing piece of art.
It's love! Magic Lamp.

Everyone has different perspectives on the "World" that we consider to be our home. For some, the land we live on, for others it is a piece of rock that has its own adventure in the darkness of the galaxy we share globally. We live in a much larger galaxy than we think, like a worm on a football field. It is so small from any analogue around the world we live in that our galaxy is so big that we can never understand it with any sensory organs we know, and we say all this only for our galaxy, which is roasted by tiny dust storms. This is our galactic home.

The galaxy takes its name from the word galaxies (γαλαξίας) in Greek. The meaning of the word is translated exactly as "milk". As you can see, "galaxy", one of the indispensable terms of astronomy, takes its name from the word used by our ancestors looking at the sky. In other words, the "Milky Way Galaxy" with its full translation actually causes it to be dropped again; because the word "galaxy" itself comes from "milk"!